In July an explosion of vital energy comes back on the stage of the Brancaccio Theatre: FUTURO FESTIVAL, conceived by Alessandro Longobardi and directed by the choreographer Alessia Gatta. The Brancaccio Theatre reopens its doors after the long hibernation in which Covid-19 has forced the world of live performances.
It reopens with courage, passion and joy to host the first edition of a container dedicated to contemporary dance and culture: “a month of promotion of dance as an interdisciplinary and experimental artistic trend”, promoted by [MATRICE] N association, in collaboration with Viola Produzioni and BrancaccioDanza association.
Contemporary dance, urban dance and performing arts dialogue with the audience to provide a snapshot of new trends, young dancers and their choreographers.
A MELTING POT of cultures, a CROSSROAD of glances, a COLLECTOR of heterogeneous styles, a PLACE of contamination between different languages, between past and present with a look at the future.
FUTURO FESTIVAL was born in 2020, a year in the balance between uncertainties, fears, hopes and desires for change. It welcomes dancers, choreographers, teachers, students, artists, operators and dance enthusiasts from all over the world to meet and inspire each other through the exchange of ideas and through research, turning the Roman summer into an epicentre for contemporary dance.
A pole of cultural attraction, an AGORA’, where to “educate” to the art of dance, in which scholars, enthusiasts and operators can dialogue, confront each other and promote new initiatives.