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5 – 10 LUGLIO 2021


What is a cubic metre? And what is it like to live in it?
These are the questions that accompany #UNMETROCUBO project, conceived and realised by [MATRICE] N, centre for the study and research of contemporary dance, directed by Alessia Gatta. A week-long breath of fresh air, in which 25 dancers and performers over 18 can breathe deeply in dance and art.
#UNMETROCUBO is not only a moment of study and training but also a huge container of ideas, experiences and emotions.
The project was born in July 2020 in the city of Alatri, when re-entering the studio represented a new beginning for each of the protagonists, after the long period of lockdown and after the many moments of loneliness. The redefinition of boundaries, the management of dimensions and the landing to a new normality that could analyse and understand the space are the basic topics of the workshop. The geometric concept of the cube has always been very dear to the choreographer Gatta and to the works of her company, [Ritmi Sotterranei] contemporary dance company. Now it becomes the fulcrum of a wider project. #UNMETROCUBO is the symbolic limit in which we live, we coexist and from which, if necessary, we escape through the personal experience of each one. All the moments in the studio seek and find the active participation of the dancers who deconstruct their own comfort zone, experiment new forms, enriching them with their own background, through the various workshops of study and improvisation. The versatility of the project does not stop at the study of contemporary dance but goes beyond the boundaries: house dance, dance theatre, hip hop, art and the discovery of the city. A well-planned path, marked by different daily stages, in which contemporary dance workshops alternate with those of dance theatre, house dance and those for the creation of a participatory work (which is donated to the places hosting the event). Everything blends with outdoor DJ sets like in the most famous American and European parks.  #UNMETROCUBO event is a truly unique experience, enriched by talks, guided tours of the city and sharing, which ends with a performance of all participants led by guest choreographers. Nature and dance, the dj set and the sunset, a cube to be filled, moved and investigated with movement: these are the ingredients for an artistic moment, fully experienced by the protagonists.